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Handpainted Craft Eyes for Amigurumi, Bears, and Plush Dolls

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Enami Eyes?
What makes Enami Eyes so special?
Are Enami Eyes eyes WASHABLE?
Are Enami Eyes safe to use on baby and pet toys?
Why are they called " safety" eyes?
How can I get my project photo into the Gallery?

What are Enami Eyes?

Enami Eyes are high quality, hand-painted acrylic (hard plastic) safety style eyes. They are craft supplies designed for use on cloth dolls such as bears, felt softies, stuffed animals, plushies and amigurumi. Enami Eyes are made with professional grade, non-toxic, permanent paints. Enami Eyes are available in more than 55 colors including vibrant opaques, shimmering jewel tones, metallics, translucent colors, and more... in sizes ranging from 4.5mm - 40mm, oval pupil and round pupil styles and customizable designs such as stripes and polka dots!

What makes Enami Eyes so special?

The HUGE SELECTION of COLORS and SIZES!!! The craft eyes you'll most likely find in stores are solid plastic or commercially painted and come in very limited sizes and colors, usually black or brown. Boring! :P

Besides the lack of choices, the fear of lead paint was a big issue, especially after the Fischer Price lead-paint scare in June 2007. I wanted a safer alternative to store bought commercially painted eyes. I also wanted a huge selection of customizable colors! After hundreds of hours of experimenting with various paints and stains and contacting manufacturers, I developed my line of Enami Eyes. All of the beautiful handpainted colors I offer are durable and certified non-toxic by the the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc.

Are Enami Eyes eyes WASHABLE?

YES! Not only was product safety important to me, durability was as well. That's why I tested and re-tested Enami Eyes in the washing machine. The paints and stains I use are highly water-resistant to water-proof so whatever you affix Enami Eyes to can be washed (assuming the item itself is washable in water) without damaging the paint finish or causing paint colors to bleed onto the fabric. Washing recommendations for washable dolls with Enami Eyes are below:

Delicate cycle
Mild detergent
Air dry / drip dry / lay flat / fluff (no heat) machine dry

*I recommend placing washable toys with Enami Eyes in a pillow case to prevent the eyes from anything abrasive during the cycle. Soaking is not recommended. Machine heat drying is NOT recommended. DO NOT use chemical glass cleaners on plastic, it damages and dulls the surface. Soapy water works just fine :D

Are Enami Eyes safe to use on baby and pet toys?

No. Although the materials used to make Enami Eyes are safe and non-toxic, because of their small parts, they pose a choking hazard. Enami Eyes are NOT recommended for use on pet toys or on toys intended for children under 3 years of age (or any child that still puts things in their mouth).

Enami Eyes are sold as arts and crafts supplies only. Enami Eyes can not be responsible for misuse, artist usage or misrepresentation of product safety by resellers.

Why are they called " safety" eyes?

In the industry, acrylic eyes (and noses) of this type (post and locking washer) are referred to as "safety" or "child-safe". This style has long been used by toy makers on stuffed animals and teddy bears. They are "safer" and more secure than sew-on or button style eyes and extremely difficult to remove by hand once affixed. HOWEVER, even when properly affixed to finished products, they are NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE and a child or pet could possibly chew through the safety post causing a potential choking hazard. Again, it is not recommended that they be used on toys for children under 3 years old or on pet toys.

As a crafter, parent, pet-owner or buyer, please use proper judgement when buying items with the intent of using them to embellish items for children or pets.

Enami Eyes and related products on this site are sold as craft supplies, NOT TOYS.

How can I get my project photo into the Gallery?

Submit a picture! If you've used Enami Eyes handpainted eyes on a project we'd love to see what you've made!

Join our Enami Eyes Group on Flickr and submit your project photos to the photo pool.

Photos featured in our slideshow gallery are periodlically plucked from the pool and can also be seen on our blog!

In the shop you'll find a huge selection of Enami Eyes handpainted eyes, solid black craft eyes, pink albino eyes, wiggle eyes and plastic animal noses in various styles, colors and sizes.

We ship worldwide so whether you are a hobby crafter, plush designer or puppeteer, Enami Eyes can help bring your creations to life!
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"Safety eyes" or "child-safe eyes" as they are sometimes called, refer to craft eyes that have a post and locking washer used to "secure" them to fabric crafts.

They are NOT indestructible and are NOT recommended for pet toys or toys for children under 3 yrs. Items are sold as craft supplies only and may contain small parts that could cause choking.